How to win

Win an Iphone.

Recently, we have been receiving quite a lot of enquiries from our readers asking how to maximize their chances of wining the Iphone. That is why this page has been created. So, first of all, there is no magic recipe. On the other hand, you also have pretty good chances to win. Most of the people think it is impossible to win anything from the Internet such as the Iphone or other apple products. There is only very few people trying to win for that reason.

We are not currently offering any iPhones but join the mailing list as we will be emailing out a sign up for the next iphone draw soon.

“We had more than a hundred Iphone winners in only 6 months existence”

Register to as many contest as you can listed on the site, but only once, because your IP will be listed. On our side, we will make sure we update frequently this list with the best and exclusive offers. So far, we had more than a hundred Iphone winners in only 6 months existence. So just go on the homepage and enter as many contest as possible, don’t be lazy, for most of them you just need to fill in your email address, and the Iphone 4s will be yours! Furthermore, all the contests for the iphone 4, iphone 3, apples products in general, that we are linking to are 100%  free.

“Don’t miss the email telling you the good news that you won the Iphone!”

Make sure to check your emails often, don’t miss the email telling you the good news that you won the Iphone! I am sure you know those stories of million dollars in lottery never claimed… Make sure to also check the spam box.

“Ask your friends to play and win an iphone for you!”

Ask your friends to play and win an iphone for you. As you can register with one email per computer (IP), just ask your friend to register to the competition for you by referring them to this website. This will definitely maximize your chance big time!

Big thank you to our latest sponsor who has a iphone on the way for us to give away